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I started going to Rich a couple of years ago on a recommendation from a friend. He was so nice in explaining everything and I felt he was reasonable. I had some very bad experiences with dealerships where I know for certain that they wanted me to have unnecessary work done. When I leave Rich's shop I never feel like I was taken. I waited once for my car and I observed him with some elderly people...he was so kind to them and you could tell that they trusted him. I spoke to one man that told me in his business he had a fleet of trucks and he would never take them anywhere else for repair. I have and will recommend Rich and his mechanics to anyone with the confidence that they will be very satisfied!!!!

---Review from cartalk.com

I have been taking my cars to Rich (the owner) for years, ever since a friend at work recommended him. I haven't been able to get out there lately because I no longer work near him (it's way out of the way, otherwise) & I've been so paranoid about going somewhere else I've been putting off everything but oil changes till I can get out his way. He's a great guy & very honest - he'll tell me straight up if I'm asking him to do something that's a waste of money. I suggested him to my husband, who was driving a Volvo at the time. The Volvo seemed to be out of alignment - he'd taken it to three other shops for re-alignment, but it was still pulling a bit to the left. Rich checked it out & found that the frame had been bent in an accident over a year earlier. Too much expense & too small a problem to be worth fixing. No charge for the diagnosis. You do need to call & make an appointment (586-739-7810) because he's usually pretty busy

---Review from cartalk.com

I've had new tires installed and my girlfriend had a wheel bearing replaced. Both times the work was done quite quickly without problems. Next time I need work done on either of my vehicles (a 2006 Civic or my girlfriend's ~2000 Cavalier) I'll be taking them back.

---Review from cartalk.com

4 STARS!!! Best work around town. Trust worthy, great mechanics and management!!! I have an old Camaro, and no one but Richard is allowed to touch it!!! I trust him with all my vehicles.

---Review from cityvoter.com

Shelby Tire has experienced mechanics who have worked on and know the history of many vehicles. I went in there and got an oil change and told them about a suspicious sound from my front passenger tire. They checked in out and put my mind to ease. The owner is very honest man who is so friendly to talk to. I also mentioned that we bought our son a used car and he told me things to look out for with the make of car that we now owned. He said to bring it in and He will show my son. I couldn't believe that he even cared. This place is a diamond in the rough. Check it out.

---Review from cityvoter.com

This is my go-to auto repair shop. They are reliable, honest and quick. I was referred to this place by a guy at work, and have been very pleased. The first time I brought my car (a '96 Taurus, since replaced) the engine light was on and I was just bringing in the car to have it checked out. The mechanics spent a couple hours working on it, found the problem and told me that, honestly, it wasn't a big deal and for the year and model of the car, I could probably just live with it. I asked how much I owed for the diagnostic and labor spent checking out the problem, and the owner said not to worry about it. Their honesty in NOT fixing something which would have otherwise cost me a few hundred dollars, earned a loyal customer.

---Review from Mark J. on yelp.com

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